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“Bitcoin is not only a currency of the future, but the revolution of traditional currencies and banking systems.”

CEO Billy Nelson
— Billy Nelson, CEO of HashMine
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Our vision of true computing power

Unlike paper money, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are generated mathematically. Our cloud miners provide the computing power needed to generate new Bitcoins and secure the Bitcoin network. Bitcoins are not managed by any central government or banks that decide the future of the system. The Bitcoin system offers freedom. Freedom that we want to make available and easily accessible to everyone. Today, Bitcoin is the most secure computer network on the planet, almost impenetrable! The reason for this is hash power.

Hash power is used as the computing power that miners offer to the Bitcoin network, which requires specialized high-performance computers that would be an expensive purchase for individuals. To solve this problem, HashMine offers the required hardware as a service. For anyone around the world. Our miners work in huge clusters and are already actively mining Bitcoins before you even sign up. This gives us an efficient way to use needed power and provide you with real hardware power at no additional cost.

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